Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Insurance Match

Planning to protect your family is the ultimate way to show love.

We spend our whole lives reminding our family that we love them through our words, actions and thoughtful gifts. Every year Valentine’s Day comes around and while we may surprise our loved ones with chocolates, flowers, a memorable dinner, and the occasional piece of jewelry, it’s important to pair our perfect gifts with the perfect insurance plan. From life insurance to valuables insurance, keeping your family and valuables protected is important.

Family + Life Insurance

Everyone loves chocolate and flowers, but it’s important to talk about investing in life insurance and which policy best fits your family’s needs. Life insurance is designed to provide financial protection for your loved ones if something unexpected were to happen. By having life insurance, it could mean your family will have enough financial support to remain in the house where they’ve made years of memories or that a child’s dream to attend university can still happen. That’s the type of love and security life insurance can bring.

Jewelry + Valuables Insurance

Jewelry is always a nice gift to give around Valentine’s Day. A pair of earrings, a gemstone necklace, an engagement ring — all beautiful gifts, but when purchasing something of that financial value, it’s important to also pair valuables insurance with it. There’s nothing worse than losing your watch at the gym or a diamond missing from a tennis bracelet, and with valuables insurance, you can guarantee that your new pieces are protected. Your renters or homeowners’ insurance may cover jewelry theft, but it usually will not cover overall damage — be sure your special gift is protected.

Home renovations + updating your policy

Planning on surprising your wife with the new kitchen of her dreams? Home renovations are always an exciting time for a family — however, it’s important to remember that with every home improvement project, whether it’s a new closet or renovated basement, an updated home insurance policy may be required. Be sure to call your Doherty agent to let them know about any renovations you’ll be gifting your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Bundling You Home + Auto Policies

So you surprised your husband with a big red bow on a new truck. He’s excited to use the four-wheel-drive in the snow and is looking forward to having more space for his fishing gear in the bed of the truck during the summer. Do you know what should be on his passenger seat? A bundled home and auto policy. It’s time to prepare for the unexpected and you can save some extra cash for your husband’s fishing trip by bundling your home insurance and car insurance policy together.

You might be surprised at how well-received a box of chocolate will be from the one you love when paired with a lifetime supply of insurance protection. It’s a quick process to request a quote, and Doherty Insurance can help you figure out the best type of insurance that will help you and your loved ones in all types of situations. Give us a call today to learn more at 978-475-0260.


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