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Our weather has been so erratic lately, there is no telling what to expect in the months ahead. Did you know that Surface water coming into your home is not covered by a homeowners policy.  If you suffer damage from water that enters at the...
In most homeowner policies, when disaster strikes, the policyholder will need to make a claim that includes any items that have been damaged or lost. It is important that this claim includes the model number and the brand or design of each item so...
To all the first responders, nurses, doctors, health care workers and those that gave their lives to protect this great nation – we remember, honor, and thank you for your service.
A common misconception is that personal auto insurance will cover someone using a vehicle for business. However, whether you drive a truck for your construction company, a personal car for delivering food, or a van for transporting people,...
Millions of Americans are working at home, holding virtual meetings, educating their children, and communicating with family and friends.  But are you exposing yourself to the latest scams. According to ID Shield, who are tracking spammers...


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