Technology Professionals Insurance

Innovating for the future shouldn’t pose a threat to the present.

Why You Need Technology Professionals Insurance

When your job is to innovate for the future, you can’t be worried about the present. At Doherty Insurance, we understand that technology professionals face different kinds of risks than other industries, and we want to make sure our clients in the tech sector fully understand the various areas of exposure and your options for coverage. So when you’re hard to work transforming processes and staying ahead of the curve, we’ll be there to make sure your company and information is protected.

The Doherty Difference

At Doherty Insurance, we have years of experience working with our clients as active risk managers, analyzing their exposure and providing them with options and recommendations. We understand that the world of technology and innovation moves quickly — so we do, too. We know the importance of being prepared to swiftly respond to our clients’ needs. Keep reading below for the seven most common insurance coverages in the technology sphere.

We help technology companies every day with their insurance and risk management needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you obtain the proper coverage with quality service and competitive prices.

The Doherty Difference

General Liability Insurance — This coverage forms the foundation of your protection. Most clients and vendors require a minimum of $1 million in limits. 

Professional Liability and Tech Errors and Omissions Insurance — This can be added to your general liability insurance policy to broaden your coverage to provide protection for professional services exposures. Exposures generally involve claims and losses that arise out of professional advice, consulting, custom programming, and intellectual-property violations.

Umbrella Insurance
— This policy is normally used to cost-effectively increase your limits on your underlying coverages. This is sometimes referred to as excess coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
— This coverage is normally obtained once you have employees on your payroll versus having no employees.

Non-owned/Hired Auto Coverage
— This coverage provides your company with protection from automobile claims or losses for liability that arise out of cars your company does not own, or if your company rents cars. If you have employees and/or independent contractors and they are using their personal vehicles on your behalf, this will protect you and your company from auto liability claims they may be involved in.

Contents Coverage
— This coverage provides protection for your equipment, contents, inventory, and raw materials, and can be extended to cover the property of others. The premium for this coverage is based on the limits that you choose for your contents value.

Crime Coverage
This is a bond and is not a typical insurance contract. If you have a claim on this policy, the insurance company has the right to restitution. It is similar to a bank’s right as a mortgage holder on real estate to come after you for a default. This policy specifically covers theft and/or employee dishonesty of third party property.

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