Group Auto Insurance Discount Programs With Doherty Insurance

A WIN-WIN Program!

Doherty Insurance has partnered with a number of nonprofits in the Merrimack Valley and put together an auto insurance discount program for their members. This discount, for those who choose to participate in it, not only gives the member a discount, but a portion of the member’s premiums is contributed back to the nonprofit organization. This has created a significant additional revenue stream year after year to these organizations totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars!

With no committee meetings, nor hard fought campaigns, our participating nonprofits have benefited from their members’ participation AND the members have saved hundreds on their auto insurance premiums — every year! Truly a Win-Win.

If you are a member of, or contributor to any of these organizations, see how these savings can work for you PLUS contribute to an organization you care about.

Click on the organization above and rate your policy with Plymouth Rock to receive a discount! Or call us at 976-475-0260 or contact us and we will rate it for you. Why not combine the best coverage with the best agency and help an organization you care about! A Win-Win!

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