October 26, 2020

Tips to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

As autumn leaves continue to change colors throughout Merrimack Valley, and as the community prepares for the chillier weather, it’s time to recognize that Halloween is fast approaching and will certainly look a bit different from previous years.

Along with choosing costumes, carving pumpkins, and picking out candy, this year, families will have to consider new safety measures to celebrate the spooky holiday. As your neighbors and friends at Doherty Insurance, we put together some COVID-19 friendly guidelines to ensure you and your family will have a fun, and safe, Halloween experience.

  • Wear a face mask while trick or treating and while you walk around town. This will help prevent the spread of the virus, and protect you and others around you.
  • Avoid having inside Halloween parties, large gatherings or attending haunted houses and hayrides. This will avoid people from being too close to one another and prevent situations that can place others at risk. 
  • Avoid touching your face, when touching surfaces and other products. We highly recommend those who are handing out candy to place hand sanitizer on a nearby table, or for parents to bring hand sanitizer on their trick-or-treat walks.
  • According to the guideline set by the town of Andover, it is suggested to place candy on a flat surface, such as a table, or in small bags. Using a bowl to pass out candy may increase the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from other groups when trick-or-treating. 
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you so that you have an opportunity to clean your hands. 
  • If you feel like you have symptoms or tested positive for COVID, remain inside and make sure you talk to your doctor immediately. 

If you are interested in learning more , please visit the CDC website or the Town of Andover’s informational website. Our priority for these uncertain times is to ensure that you and everyone around the community we love, are safe and protected during these difficult times.  

Lastly, Doherty Insurance would like to remind the Merrimack Valley community that Halloween will be on Saturday, October 31st, and it has been suggested that trick-or-treating activities will occur between 5 to 7 pm. For those who are not interested in participating in Halloween this year, we suggest keeping your outside lights off. 

From your friends, and neighbors, at Doherty Insurance, we hope you have a safe, fun, and healthy Halloween weekend.

Doherty Staff
Personal Insurance
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